Watch for Walkers


Every Good Friday there’s a mass pilgrimage to the Catholic Church in Chimayo. Some people walk hundreds of miles. I’m going with a neighbor, but we’re to park closer than that and take the last 4-5 miles of the walk.


Game Show Winner!!


I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune a few years back, but I hit bankrupt enough times to eke out a second place finish. So yesterday’s win on the massively popular online game show HQ Trivia is the first game show I actually won. I’ve been bragging about it to everyone I know, and I’m bragging about it here.

Golf Lessons


I’m decent enough at curling and bowling that I don’t embarrass myself in league play, and I do my best to keep up in my yoga classes. I was a committed jogger until my legs stiffened up late last year from repetition and overwork. I was less successful with tennis (cut short by a bad case of tendonitis) and ice skating (a general feeling of insecurity on the narrow skate blades), but I tried.

Well let’s add golf to my resume. I took lessons when I was a kid, as evidenced by the epic picture up top. I seem to remember being alright, but mostly I remember this picture, which appeared on the front page of my hometown paper. I went a few times in high school, but I fell out of the habit. I just signed up for some adult lessons that start early next month. I’d love to do a round of 18 holes again someday, but a journey of a thousand miles etc.

Baseball Season


It’s getting to be baseball season. I’m excited. I am probably the least talented baseball player in the country, but I do enjoy spending a summer evening at the ballpark. There’s not a major league team within 400 miles of here, but there’s a semi-pro team in an unaffiliated independent league here in town, and there’s a AAA team, just a step below the majors, about an hour south of here. I’m hoping to spend plenty of time at both parks this summer.

The View From Here

tent rocks pretty web

I guess technically, it would be more accurate to call this post “The View Of Here” because I’m pretty sure you can see my house somewhere in this picture. It’s pretty nonetheless. I need to make another trip out to this hike again sometime soon.

Diet Time

cans behind wire web

Well it’s getting to be time to go on a crash diet. I put on a couple extra pounds toward the beginning of last year, and my legs stiffened up from the repetition of years of jogging. When I was in college, I could skip dessert for a couple days and get back down to my fighting weight. Now that my metabolism has lost a step, it’s definitely a battle.

My diet plan is a little bit of portion control and a lot of vegetables. And it’s starting soon.