House Finch


Ever since I’ve lived here, the tree outside my front door has been occupied by crows. This year I’ve been hearing a new song coming from the tree. I showed the picture above to a bird-watching friend, and he said it’s a house finch, one of the most common birds in the country. Apparently they are native to the American Southwest, but as suburbs and housing popped up they were able to work their way to the East. It would have been a rarity to see one of these birds outside of this region in my lifetime.


Horses and Rider


Here’s the last picture I’ll post of the pilgrimage to Chimayo. Off to the side of the road, there were several little shrines similar to ones I posted earlier this week. This rider looked to be leading expeditions on horseback to one shrine that was particularly far off the road.

Pilgrimage to Chimayo


I hinted last week that I was going to make the pilgrimage to Chimayo on Good Friday. I overheard a sheriff on horseback saying that he thought 10,000 people made the walk to the church that day. It was a great experience and I’m definitely going to go longer next year. This is the church at the end of the walk, but I may post pictures of some of the people I met along the way later in the week.

Golf Lessons


I’m decent enough at curling and bowling that I don’t embarrass myself in league play, and I do my best to keep up in my yoga classes. I was a committed jogger until my legs stiffened up late last year from repetition and overwork. I was less successful with tennis (cut short by a bad case of tendonitis) and ice skating (a general feeling of insecurity on the narrow skate blades), but I tried.

Well let’s add golf to my resume. I took lessons when I was a kid, as evidenced by the epic picture up top. I seem to remember being alright, but mostly I remember this picture, which appeared on the front page of my hometown paper. I went a few times in high school, but I fell out of the habit. I just signed up for some adult lessons that start early next month. I’d love to do a round of 18 holes again someday, but a journey of a thousand miles etc.