Golf Lessons


I’m decent enough at curling and bowling that I don’t embarrass myself in league play, and I do my best to keep up in my yoga classes. I was a committed jogger until my legs stiffened up late last year from repetition and overwork. I was less successful with tennis (cut short by a bad case of tendonitis) and ice skating (a general feeling of insecurity on the narrow skate blades), but I tried.

Well let’s add golf to my resume. I took lessons when I was a kid, as evidenced by the epic picture up top. I seem to remember being alright, but mostly I remember this picture, which appeared on the front page of my hometown paper. I went a few times in high school, but I fell out of the habit. I just signed up for some adult lessons that start early next month. I’d love to do a round of 18 holes again someday, but a journey of a thousand miles etc.


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