January Addendum

DSC_0190 resized

Well, it’s February now. I should take a bit of time to note some of the things that happened in January that I didn’t write about here until now:

  • Chile stew: I make a mean green chile stew. I entered it in a chile cooking contest last year, but it was too hot for some of the judges. I like it, though, and I made a couple pots of it this month. <y secret ingredients are heirloom tomatoes and chunks of butternut squash. Come over sometime and I’ll whip you up a bowl.
  • Fire and FuryI got my hands on a copy of Michael Wolff’s book about the first few months of the Trump administration. It’s as jaw-dropping as all the press  you’ve read.
  • Bora Yoon performance: I got a chance to see a performance by musician Bora Yoon with visual support by artist Luke DuBois at Site Santa Fe earlier this month. I’ve been to hundreds, maybe thousands, of concerts, and I’ve never seen anything quite like this one. She did things with loops and effects that I just didn’t think would be possible in a live setting. It was lovely and haunted me for days afterwards.
  • Curling: Most weeks, I’m just good enough at curling to not embarrass myself. I make some of my shots, and I’ll miss others by a few inches (or more). But I have to say I was on fire a couple weeks ago.  Shots landed and rolled the way they were supposed to. I was good enough that night that one of the players on the other team approached me later and said, “I’m sorry about whatever I said during the game last week. I don’t really hate you.” Unfortunately, I regressed to the mean the next week. I’m good at making excuses when shots don’t go my way; maybe I should chalk this good week up as an aberration as well.



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