Ice Skating Lessons

pretty snow in color web

This is the year for taking up all the things that didn’t stick before. So far I’m fitfully successful in a few areas where I wasn’t so fortunate in 2017: I’ve taken well to yoga, and I’m getting in the habit of remembering to bring my camera with me everywhere, not just on big journeys.

I’m also trying my hand at ice skating, which isn’t going as well. I think the last time I went was ten years ago; and the time before that skating trip was ten years before that. I’ve been in a curling league for a few years, so it makes sense to learn another skill on the ice. I’ve spent so much time over the past few curling seasons honing my lunge and push that it feels like I’m unteaching and relearning my first language when I put on a pair of skates. My yoga classes have taught me to find a pose and hold it. The poses in my yoga class are deliberate, and so my body questions whenever the ice skating instructors talk about actually, you know, moving my legs to create some forward motion. My other classmates are taking to the ice really well. It’s not the skating instructors’ fault that I’m not.

There’s one skill I’ve mastered. I am quite good at falling. I’ve mastered the skill of hitting the ice gently and pushing myself back up again, and I’m only moderately sore the next day. I’m sure there’s a valuable lesson in that, but I think ice skating might be a hobby that I file away for a future year when I’m looking to take up a hobby that didn’t stick before.


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