Psychic Fair

psychic fair.jpg

My neighborhood oxygen bar hosted a psychic fair this weekend. When I arrived the palm reader did not have a line, so I saw her first. My palms are quite vague. I am halfway between the House of Love and the House of Service. My sign is also either earth or air. I do apparently have some creative energies that I need to channel into something, anything. It might become a lucrative business or help me diversify somehow.

After the palm reader finished, the tarot reader had no wait. She had created two decks of her own; one in oils and one in watercolors. She offered a different set of insights. I have been holding onto some outdated modes of thinking, which have led to some dark places. It is time to let those go, perhaps through meditation and repetition of a new way of looking at life, which I’ll learn from a mentor. It sounded to me like I would need to devote more time to my yoga practice.

The fair had a second tarot reader, who read from a different deck, and a numerologist. Both were doing readings when I was finished, so I left. I think I learned everything I needed to.


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