No Coyote

trail resized

Sometimes when I’m out jogging on my usual path, I’ll see a coyote running about a football field’s distance in front of me. I’ll never approach the coyote, and I get the idea that it is more wary of me than I am of it. The coyote tends to speed up its trot away from me as soon as it notices me. It stays on the paved trail for a while, but always veers off into the brush.

When I tell people about the coyote, they seem unimpressed. So I’m determined to get a picture of it this year. I brought my long lens on the trail today. In retrospect, knowing what I know about this coyote’s behavior of avoiding people when possible, and knowing what I know about human’s behavior of recommitting to exercise toward the beginning of the year, today wasn’t the best day to spot the coyote. There will be other chances. The picture above is near its home. Maybe if we zoom in enough we can see it hiding here somewhere.


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