Black and White Moonrise

DSC_0256 bw

This is the view of a full moon rising over my backyard sometime last year.




I’ve been dogsitting the past couple of days. It made me realize how much I miss having a dog. I like the company and the additional exercise I get from taking her out on two huge walks every day. In my year without a pet, I’ve enjoyed the freedom to sleep in in the morning and to hit the town in the evening. But the routine suits me.

After my friends return, I’m thinking about running to the animal shelter to find one to adopt.

Bowling Fundraiser


Next time you’re at a cocktail party and need to pull out a fun fact about me, here’s one: I had a bowling scholarship to college. I wasn’t terribly good, but I was good enough to come in second place in a high school tournament two or three years in a row. The scholarship paid for books in a couple of my literature classes.

I played in a league during college as well. I haven’t been as active with bowling recently, mostly because my town doesn’t have a bowling alley.

But I took part in a charity fundraiser this past weekend. The bowling tournament raised money for the New Mexico Autism Society. I heard them say over the public address system that it was the most successful fundraiser NMAS had ever had.

On a competitive level, I averaged about 125 across all three games. Not as good as I was back in those tournaments, but not bad for a guy who hasn’t been to the lanes in nearly fifteen years.

Photo Contest Entry

Spanish Market web

I liked this picture enough to enter it into a Santa Fe photo contest a few years ago. The picture didn’t win. Maybe it’s because the photo is grainy and a bit out of focus, but most likely the photo didn’t win the Santa Fe contest because I realize now that the photo was actually taken in Albuquerque.

Me and The Dude

me and the dude

And here was the coolest encounter I ever had on the way to find a restroom. Legendary actor Jeff Bridges had just finished up a great, rambling talk with T Bone Burnett about music in film. When the talk ended I ran to the nearest exit to find the restroom, and I bumped into The Dude himself, who was trying to find the exit.

Old Neighborhood

sandia web

I’m fairly busy with work these days so I’m phoning in today’s post with a heavily photoshopped picture I edited for another blog that’s currently in hibernation. I was hoping the picture resembled something like the front of a postcard from the 1940s or 1950s.

This used to be my drive home and even though I pass this way at least once a week, I still get a little nostalgic for the old neighborhood.

Trail Clothes

While out on the jogging trail last week, I saw enough discarded clothes to nearly make an entire outfit.


These sweatpants looked to be a couple sizes too large but with the drawstring I could have made it work.


Someone placed a single shoe atop a pole. I looked but did not find the mate.


I thought the scarf was actually quite colorful and nice.


It hardly ever rains here but I could see the umbrella coming in handy a few times a year.


The single glove looked quite cozy.

I didn’t pick anything up. It looked like most of them were left out in visible places in case the people who left them came out looking for them. The entire trip, I was half-expecting to encounter one very peculiarly dressed individual.