Here’s the last picture I’ll post from eastern Colorado for a while, I promise.


Fence Post


I don’t know why my brain is keeps taking me back to eastern Colorado circa 2014 this week, but that’s where I’ve been. This fence post is less than a quarter mile from the windmill and agricultural underpass I posted about earlier. I guess it’s good to revisit places where you’re no longer there, even if you were only passing through and decided to take a rest stop for a couple hours in the first place.



Well, I already dropped the ball on my promise to post here every day last week. I got busy! And then I forgot yesterday. But I’ve made it a point to include posting here on my to-do list this week. It’s a new month, right?

This is a windmill in eastern Colorado. I don’t believe you can see the mountains this far east, but that part of the state is pretty in a different way.

Header Image


This is my favorite view in the world, from the Santa Fe Opera looking north. Soon there’s going to be a casino here, which will either detract from the view or give it some new dimensions and colors.

Treasure Hunt

foothills web

Another day where I was too busy to go out and take some new photos, so this one is from a couple years ago. On Easter Sunday, 2016 I went out on a hunt for Forrest Fenn’s fabled buried treasure. If you know anything about me, it’s that I’m woefully under prepared for anything remotely outdoorsy and adventurous. Within the first quarter mile, I realized I had left my water bottle in the car. It was early in the season and not too hot, so I carried on. Maybe half a mile later, I gave up after I slipped and fell into a river. It wasn’t flowing heavily and I wasn’t injured, but the canyon was cool and dark. I climbed the hill where the shadows couldn’t reach. This was the view as I dried out.

Back from Hiatus!


I took a much-deserved week off from blogging to focus on concerts (Luna! Blue Oyster Cult!), curling (2 wins, no losses!), and golf (I’m still learning but better than I was a month ago!). I tried to squeeze in a hike with my camera, but the April winds made outdoor activities unpleasant, except for the day that the weather cooperated and allowed me to golf. So I’m posting a picture of a church from several years back with the promise of more 2018 pictures coming soon.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff coming up this week as well, including a couple of concerts (Big Thief! Jason Isbell!) and my first baseball game of the season (Albuquerque Isotopes!), and hopefully a couple sessions at the driving range (weather permitting!). But I’m also going to try to find time to post here as well.

Glass Dump


I figured I’d close out this week with a picture of one of my favorite places in Albuquerque: the glass dump. It used to be a municipal dump, but time and fires burned away much of the other trash, leaving a vast field of broken and wilted glass. Sometimes you’ll come across an entire bottle, but mostly it looks like the picture above. There’s an ordinance against picking up any of the glass, so I’m going to do the city the favor of not sharing the location here.

Cat in a Sombrero

Spandy (2)

I was digging through some old pictures and came across one of my favorites. I was bored one Saturday afternoon and decided to have a cat fashion show. Spandy was patient enough to allow this one picture, then shook off the sombrero and wandered over to a spot in the sun to take a nap.

Spandy died of old age about five years later. I miss her. She was the only cat I’ve ever had who enjoyed belly rubs, definitely more than posing for a picture in a sombrero

Santa Fe Opera


I almost forgot to post today, so here’s a picture I took around sunset last year at the Santa Fe Opera, where I was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of a brand new opera, The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs. I enjoyed it enough that I’m going back to another new opera later this year. I’ll keep you posted.