Mike Courtois

Hey guys! I’m Mike Courtois, and I’ve got a website. I’m a teacher, consultant, photographer, writer, actor, and runner. I spent several years in Albuquerque, New Mexico before relocating up to Denver, Colorado. Take a look around to find out about my personal adventures and samples of my professional work:

  • Audio clips from my radio days. I had a brief flirtation with Internet fame after one of these interviews.
  • Design, or more accurately, attempts at design. I’ve been trying to teach myself to use photo editing software for years. If I make progress, I’ll share it here!
  • Fuzzy Précis: In its last incarnation, this site was exclusively a blog about whatever was on my mind. I’m adding some new topics, but I’ll continue to blog here under that name.
  • Lucky Me, an ongoing series documenting some of my incredible luck and chance encounters with famous people.
  • Photography from Colorado, New Mexico, and beyond. I use a Nikon D3100. The pictures here are lower quality to conserve space. If you’re interested in seeing them in higher resolution, contact me.
  • Professional Trainings and Videos. I’ve given dozens of formal and informal trainings. This section includes samples of those trainings and professional videos I’ve put together. Be sure to check out the video featuring students with autism!
  • TV and Movie appearances. I’ve been an extra in quite a few TV shows and movies, and I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune.

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I’m going to update here regularly, so you if you’d like to keep up with me, you can subscribe using the RSS feed or subscribe features.