Another new device 

I bought a tablet earlier this year, but when my old flip phone didn’t get reception in my new town, I figured I would get an iPhone too. I never really thought of myself as a gadget guy, but we are what we are, I suppose.

I’ve had it for a few weeks now but it just now occurred to me that I should install the WordPress app.

This is my iPhone test post.  Text is easy enough but what about pictures?

Easy as pie! Editing is a bit of a hassle but that is probably because I haven’t had coffee yet.


Upgrade Complete!

Well that was easier than I thought! Earlier this week, I realized that this page was all but unreadable on my phone, so I overhauled the place. I ditched the static front page and went back to the good old fashioned scrolling blog format. Also gone are the lovely background image and the big picture of me; I’ve replaced the background image with something where readers can actually, you know, read the page. And I replaced the header of me with a series of pictures of pretty things! The static page and big picture of me made sense at the time. I was looking for a job and using this page as a portfolio of sorts. I wanted to put ME in big bold letters front and center, and I figured there needed to be an emphasis on some of the cool things I’ve done. I guess it worked…I have a job now. So now I can go back to having the page all nice and comfortable. Maybe it will inspire me to post here more…


(The picture doesn’t really relate, but that’s Liam either yawning or smiling after a morning walk. I can’t tell. Thoughts?)

Routine Maintenance

It only took me 15% of the 21st century to stop dragging my feet and buy an iPhone. I had a little flip phone before, so I’ve been kicking myself over the last couple of weeks kicking myself over the features I’ve been missing out on for the past several years: Texting that doesn’t involve remembering if the “s” is on the phone keypad’s 7 or 8! Emojis! A serviceable camera! Internet access!

Like I said, the camera is pretty good! Much better than my old flip phone, which had a camera but the low image quality reminded me of online images from the early days of the internet. The camera doesn’t have the depth that my Nikon, but it gets the job done.



(If you’re keeping score at home, the top image is a rose bush in my neighborhood, and the bottom image is a deer statue at a gas station in Cimarron, New Mexico.)

But the best feature of my new phone is Internet access. If I’m stranded in grocery line limbo and wonder how the Dodgers game is going or how my horoscope for today is shaping up, I don’t have to wait til I get home anymore to find out! It’s a blessing for alleviating boredom but it’s wreaking havoc on my attention span. (I figure most of my readers already have smart phones, and so they’ve been through this before. But it’s new to me. Give me a couple months and I’ll be jaded as the next iConsumer. But I’m honeymooning.)

I can’t believe it took me a week to check out my blog out on the iPhone’s internet browser, but when I did I was dismayed to see that it’s practically unreadable. It looks lovely on regular browsers and tablets, but on the iPhone the page is much harder than I intended it to be. Worse, I couldn’t even read the text…it blends in with background image. And so, reader, it’s time for a redesign. I’m going to spend a bit of my 3-day weekend tidying things up around here.

Bird Outside My Window

I need to take a bird-watching class. There’s such a wide variety of birds around here, and I’d like to know more about them. This one’s either a crow or a raven, but since I can’t tell one way or the other I’ve just been calling him “Ed.” He’s been swooping around my home for a couple weeks now, and this morning he finally landed on the building opposite. The skies are a bit overcast today, so I thought the picture looked more striking as a photographic negative.

eerie bird